No budget for video production… Are you mental?

An existing client rather apologetically said, ‘..well video is definitely on the radar but I’m afraid we haven’t allocated any budget for it at the moment…’ Do you know what, It’s okay – at least you’re thinking about it. 12 months ago most businesses hadn’t even considered adding video as part of their overall marketing mix.   Today things are very different and we should know TIZA Video have been waiting patiently for the so called video production revolution to actually start to roll. In the US, businesses have been aware of the power of good and regular video content for the past 5 years or so.  It’s taken somewhat longer to get going here in the UK but now we can confidently tell you people are finally waking up to video.

One of the things which will no doubt spur businesses to spending on Video is when they suddenly see their competitors spending on video and regular video content. The fact is, there has NEVER been a more impactful and cost effective method of digital marketing – VIDEO CONTENT IS KING.

Here’s the really good news – it’s not too late to start talking about using video as part of your organisation’s digital marketing strategy. This is is what we said to our client.. ‘Don’t be embarrassed not having allocated budget to video marketing yet… just make sure you call us when it does happen. Because it we promise you it WILL happen.’

There are so many ways to get your video ball rolling – even thinking about it is better than nothing.