DIE! Corporate Video DIE!

There’s now so much wrong with the expression CORPORATE VIDEO. Sure it adequately describes the process of making a video for a corporation or business, but that’s where it ends. Video production is in a state of flux which means an utter gold rush for some, while for certain others, namely the old school video production boys and broadcast video houses, it’s world of hurt.

Those of us who are surfing the video bonanza are taking the corporate video format by the balls and twisting until it blacks out! In other words there are thousands of highly creative teams out there who applying spunky concepts, maverick filming style and great on-brand graphics to the company film and bringing content which is optimised for todays web-based audiences.

Some would say these guys and girls are technically naive and unprofessional in terms of how they set up and shoot, but d’ you know what, stuff it! The results speak volumes. If I had the choice between a safe, well-lit, business case presented by a fart in a suit reading a shitty script written by the Ad agency and a lively, meaningful story told by real people in real places, produced in half the time and half as long – i’d take the latter option in an instant.

The CORPORATE VIDEO is David Brent and the Office, it’s stuffed full of bullshit jargon, ugly sweaty people, BAD music (and I don’t mean Michael Jackson bad!) I mean dreadful. The Corporate video is made by men who dress like Steve Jobs and who talk in soundbites, effectively delivering downstream solutions to who gives a shit.

So what can we say instead of ‘Corporate Video’ because let’s be frank, anyone in business with half a brain would not want to represent themselves online with this kind of content – the smart money is searching for a VIDEO AGENCY rather than a CORPORATE VIDEO PRODUCER or CREATIVE VIDEO CONTENT rather than just grey old VIDEO PRODUCTION.

Let’s try changing the vernacular once and for all. Maybe BUSINESS FILMS are a more representative term, who knows – all we really need to do is persuade those who are in the market for commissioning content for a business to look further than the end of their nose and maybe take a chance on the new guys.

Never say Corporate Video again – It’s just a shame it’s still the number one search term for video agencies new wave video creatives to focus there search marketing.

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