YOUTUBE should be unfettered by ISP’s as a critical business channel.

Dear Bob Falconer CEO Gamma Telecom – large UK ISP

Andy Morris kindly afforded me a couple hours of his time this week to defend and explain Gamma’s stance and technical position on throttling and traffic shaping – specifically on video content.

My simple beef as an end-user business customer is that YOUTUBE should be unfettered as a critical business channel.


To cut a long story short, my understanding and empathy for Gamma as a business increased, however it became clear that technically, all streaming video was being managed at some level, at some time – my personal experience of this ‘management’ was a business service with pittifully poor video viewing ability 90% of the working day with no simple or comparably priced alternative available from Gamma via Focus Group.

I would not invest in a high-end ethernet service just to be able to view business content in full unchoked resolution on YouTube – I believe this is a commercial essential and should be addressed not only by Gamma but all UK ISP’s.    Net Neutrality was thrown in to arguement, which the more cynical amoung us, would say although generally good for the consumer, is being used as something of a flag-of-convenvenience by Gamma to justify a broad brush stroke to choke down streaming video, to protect your bandwidth, and service integrity and increase returns.  This is fine for your business for now, but will increasingly under serve UK SMEs.

I suggested to Andy that Gamma should seriously investigate the idea of presenting a business product with an opt-in element to the package – in other words Let me have my 80up/20down (more than adequate for most of my business) – but give the option to add say 2 or 3 unfettered video services to my account.

This is not much to ask and I beieve would blaze a trail in business packages – people aren’t daft, eventually we’ll ALL compare our domestic video performance with that at work – and the whys and wherefores won’t mean much if companies aren’t getting served.

I’m writing to you trying my hardest not to be perceived as just another frustrated end-user – to my surprise, my opinions as a business owner on this subject have attracted a suprising amount of advocacy from other bosses and are being followed on twitter and linked-in with some zest.

Please let me know if Gamma would be prepared to break the mould and pressure test this idea through market research or workshopping with some of it’s end users?   I realsie that the mere effort would risk highlighting the fact the issue of video throttling exists as part of your standard operational procedure but risks are what bring innovation and change and I think this issue will only grow and grow until business call time on the so-called unrestricted superfast business packese which do not deleiver what we need more of – quality video viewing capability.

Yours sincerely


Ian Nuttall CEO –