Shooting the perfect video...

Shooting the perfect video...

Shooting the perfect video is something of a Holy Grail to say the least - naturally there's no such thing, however if you take a brief from a client who knows what they want their video content to achieve, then it's up to you, the producers of that video, to make the perfect video for them (the client).

Strong Ideas and a video strategy work.


Video will only work for your business if the idea is strong and you have a strategy for it to work within.
Strong ideas help you focus your business especially when it comes to planning what kind of video content you need.

What’s your story?  Tell that story, whether it's a new offering or a strong industry opinion - people will engage with what you have to say, especially in video form because it's quick and easy to do so.

Strong ideas are sticky, or watchable and that's really important - who wants to press play on a video and be bored?  Nobody - not even in the world of business content.

Video strategy means video working with your other marketing channels. Make video that becomes (or drives) part of your trans-media story.

Long form or short form.. It’s all good.

If video fits your marketing strategy and is watchable then you're doing a better job than most businesses are right now.


Good luck and call us if you need help.


The case for long-form video...


Most agencies would have you believe that your customers' attention span has decreased to that of an amnesiac goldfish.  Really? Well, video content has changed and is changing all the time, but to say that a viewers tolerance for any video longer than a spasmodic Vine post is just nonsense.

I think what they probably mean is, 'So you want some video content?.. Here's what we like making best right now.. why don't you try it - short-form video's all the 'go'!'   And don't get me wrong, short form content is working very well - it's true. However just because it's working, doesn't automatically relegate video content over 60 seconds.  We know this is true because we are asked for and produce both long and short-form content every day.   The truth is, and this depends on your business, there is an audience for both - they may not be the same audience at the same time but they are watching.  Think about the term 'multi-channel' for a moment, a much bandied phrase which means exactly what it says. Video works across a wide gamut of media which is growing every day, whether that's good old TV, a YouTube pre-roll Ad or muted Out-Of-Home digital banner - But clearly the same content won't work for all channels, so to say that short-form video is the new long-form doesn't work for us.  What they mean is, you need to look at video with a broader lens (excuse the pun). Whatever your message, you can guarantee it will need to be a 'transmedia' consideration and your creativity will need to extend just that bit further!   Think about a video project not in terms of a single deliverable but as a suit of content which works within a campaign - however small.  This may only mean a 3 min interview with a 30 second social edit to promote it but at least it's a suite of two videos which reach out to two very different audiences and different times. Long and short form working together.

Finally, we'd challenge whether certain forms of short content actually fall into the category of 'video' at all.. Is a mute, moving poster in a shopping mall a video? or is it something else - 'motion advertising' ?

TIZA – This is who we are

The challenge with creating video content in 2016 for anyone – is that viewing habits and audience demands are changing.

Viewers want more relevant content which is more entertaining and more watchable in shorter, punchier than ever videos.

We can tell you who we are but first we need to tell you who we’re not…

We’re not a marketing, PR or creative agency who now, happen to do video.

We’re not old school corporate video production who put stuff on Youtube for time to time.

We’re not a young guy with a beard, a DSLR and a GoPro.

We’re a video agency.

Great creativity is critical but is needs to be closely combined with:

1/ online content expertise

2/ the ability to actually plan, write and make great video in-house

3/ to understand the brand

4/ to maintain the integrity of the look and feel

5/ to ‘get’ it’s audience.

6/ to talk to you in clear and simple everyday language.

You will be told some of this by some the people you’ll be seeing but we are likely to be the ONLY Video Agency you will be talking to – so we doubt if any one of them will be speaking to you in quite the same way as us.

Genuine partnership

Tiza are seeking a genuine creative video production and strategy partnership with any exciting business to demonstrate how the skills and incite of your in-house team can produce content which is better and more cost effective than an outside agency approach.

TIZA iPad Clapperboard is 2 years old and STILL top of the charts

TIZA’s iPad Clapperboard is 2 years old and STILL top of the charts

We’re proud parents to this great app which still sells over 100 downloads a week – perfect for any video production. An update is coming soon so watch this space…

You can download the TIZA VIDEO AGENCY Slate at Apple’s App Store worldwide

The TIZA DSLR Slate® 20/20 is a mini revolution for the indie film maker. We’re a London Video Agency and we took a good close look at all the Clapperboard Apps on the iPad and came to the conclusion we needed to make something altogether more simple and modern for ourselves. We wanted to create a great-looking, native HD iPad App which would challenge the traditions of slating a movie production, make the process more intuitive and more relevant to faster DSLR style productions but maintaining the cool look of a traditional clapperboard/film slate.

The TIZA DSLR Slate® 20/20 is a 21st Century semi-pro option for talented, pragmatic movie makers who need to keep a tight log of their shoot but also want an clapperboard App that’s affordable, looks great and takes better advantage of the what an iPad can do.

Questions we asked ourselves during development our Movie Slate:
What do we REALLY need to see on the slate?
Why would I need to show the Director and Cameraman if the director or cameraman is likely to be me?
Who ACTUALLY uses TimeCode anyway?
How can we make this useful, simple, user-friendly without being too basic?

Give me a break!
Out with the old and in with the new – this is the 21st century for godness sake. If some slates are the Rolls Royce of clapper board Apps then The TIZA DSLR Slate® is the Smart Car! A perfect example of why we think the traditional slate is outdated would be the ‘MOS’ text on a traditional clapperboard… sure, most of us know it means ‘Motor Only Shot’ or for some, a bastardized German phrase alledgedly popularised by Fritz Lang in the 1940’s, ‘Mit Out Sound’ ! – What the hell!??
We replaced MOS with two simple mic-ON mic-OFF icons but also added two new icons to quickly and clearly show if the sound source is direct into camera or into a remote mic or both – giving the editor a clear production guide and allow them to work faster.

Check out the video on our support site to see how the TIZA DSLR Slate® works and what functions will help your production.

Here’s what we chose to include on the TIZA Clapperboard, which turned into this list of cool feature functions:

• Traditional clapper stick operation with an additional 1 second digital signal and visual key.

• Color chevrons to show instantly if the camera or editing monitor are producing accurate color

• Editable Project title plus scrollable Scene and Take logs.

• An animated spinning film reel to provide a visual key that the camera is recording and that the slate is activated.

• An editable L.E.D. style panel to toggle between the name of the scene, the current time or a stopwatch style timer.

• Locked Date and Time display

• Panels to show which Memory Card you’re using and type of Camera

• Editable Production company

• Lens type and frame rate indicators

• A ‘Take Log’ feature to mark good and usable ‘takes’ – then email the captured settings to your edit work station.

• Padlock icon to lock the display to avoid accidentally changing settings mid use.

• ‘Reset or Clear’ trashcan icon.

• On/off icons to indicate Interior or Exterior – Day or Night – With or Without Sound – In-Cam or External mic source.

• Lock ON or OFF indicator

In short, the TIZA DSLR Slate® displays a degree of information which will be quick to edit, easy to understand and help, rather than hinder your production – sure we know there are always going to be things you want or need but we wanted to build an App we, as young DSLR shooters, would be happy to use and beed seen using.

What the industry (might) say:

Take a look at what Hollywood might have said about The TIZA DSLR Slate®

Orson Welles: “I just love this thing, it’s bright, colorful and very light…. What is it?”

Alfred Hitchcock: “What a splendid device, how does it glow like that? Is it some kind of projector?”

Cecil B. DeMille: “This makes no sense to me whatsoever… get this trickery out of my sight NOW!”

Do viral videos still exist?

A genuine viral is a rare thing unless you not only have the budget to produce something decent but also promote the thing to the hilt… so do viral videos still exist?

As a video agency used to being asked to produce viral videos on a regular basis, sadly we have to say the answer is no – viral videos don’t really exist in the way the used to, at least not commercially.  The question should be, can I get my video to be seen by millions? to which we’d say yes, but only if you have the cash! You see the reality is, if you have money to promote your video, no matter what it is, you can probably pay to promote ANY video to what we would have referred to historically as viral levels.

Many videos which do qualify for viral status – i.e. more than 150,000 views in less than 48hours tend to be non commercial whereas 5 years ago it would have been relatively easy for a big brand to release a fairly average (by todays standards) video and hit the million mark within hours. Now you need to do a great deal more than simply have a quirky idea.  It’s all to do with the sheer number of videos being published every hour, today, compared with back then – upload volumes have grown exponentially and as a result, the amount of effort required to get a video in front of an audience which it utterly saturated in content is VERY hard to achieve. Unless of course you have a promotional budget which is well targeted and involves a high spend over a short time period. Tiza Video agency believe that a major brand like Nike or Apple would easily be able to allocate a million dollars PER HOUR for 24hours worldwide in order to promote the right product.  This means a super-intense advertising spend covering everything from print media to TV to affiliate to banners to sponsorships across every channel known to man in order get a viral level result.  The sad thing is, there was a time when we thought that the web would provide a level playing field for advertising and promoting products but now that the TRUE VIRAL IS DEAD, that’s no longer the case. Only big brands with fat budgets truly enjoy the sort of viral penetrations anyone could have achieved 5 years ago.

How to make good B2B Video

As a London video agency we’re often asked how to make good B2B Video.

As a full service video production agency involved with helping businesses to promote what they do and sell through video – we has some pretty simple rules largely based on good old common sense. Companies offering their wares to other businesses have found to their detriment that the traditional production video and broadcast pros, have lack the flair, creativity and confidence to sell business to other business. It’s a world of their own making, just saying the phrase Corporate Video sends shivers down the spine of anyone who has been brought up in those days when these films were diabolically dull.  It’s only very recently, (and I mean the past 2 to 3 years) that the new wave of creative, slightly maverick and most importantly, affordable production agencies have risen. Forgive the generalisation, but in the wrong hands, business video content has the potential to thoroughly bore the chuff off any viewer. The problem is that the old school video producers did just that – they were also using the wrong equipment and were way too expensive. TIZA are not like this.

It takes a lot of creative and marketing confidence to make good B2B video content because on the face of it, subject matter is seen as complicated, niche and dry.  You need confidence and creativity to look at an average business offering and see a story worth telling. It’s not easy to sit in a meeting of enthusiastic marketing executives excitedly attempting to nail their script when you know that there’s a mountain to climb before anyone can come up with anything like watchable content.  So yes, in many cases your videos have a very real chance of being complicated, niche and dry – unless you are realistic about how they can be executed and how well you choose your video agency.  Our video production rules are simple, keep it short, stylish and watchable.