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TIZA VIDEO are a creative video agency that specialise in insightful video marketing strategy. We believe in the awesome power of video and we are dedicated to producing an excellent standard of filmed and animated video content for our customers. Video can be used as an intrinsic part of your marketing strategy and is considerably more cost effective than the pricey and precarious world of TV advertising.

TIZA VIDEO are a team of passionately creative individuals. We are driven and dedicated to the production of first class video content and we apply all our drive and desire to our work. Creating visual content combines the essential elements of vision, efficiency, ability and experience. We have been established since 2009 and collectively we possess decades of experience that make us a wise choice for our customers. We consider one of our biggest strengths to be our sophisticated and mature regard for your brand and we project that sensitive appreciation and understanding into our product.

Video employs the economical art of showing rather than telling. Viewers are more likely to be engaged by video than reading a lot of text and what you need is a video that will stop people in their tracks and keep them there. Now that YouTube and similar web sites have such a dominant presence on the internet it is essential for any business to have exposure on them as they are the perfect way to deliver information in a memorable way. You can reach people on a much greater level if you engage them in an entertaining presentation and if you need corporate video in London TIZA can deliver it to you.

We have a rule of thirds that encapsulates our extremely efficient methods. The initial stage involves a meeting with you to brainstorm your ideas and discuss potential strategies. When the best way forward has been decided we move on to the next step of producing your video to an exceptionally high standard, not only within the agreed budget but completely on time. Finally we move to the marketing and promotion stage where we settle on the most appropriate way forward for you. Promotion is paramount and after we have produced your exciting video we will skillfully market it.

Whatever your business is and whatever your needs are for corporate video in London TIZA can conceive and deliver incredibly powerful video content at extremely affordable prices.

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