Top 5 Corporate Video Clichés

Let’s kick off the Top 5 Corporate Video Clichés with this…

At number 5 – The office exterior pan.

Clients love to see their very own establishing shot and for the unimaginitive cameraman a quick up and down, left to right will do the job. It doesn’t matter if the exterior of the building looks like an eastern block cold war prison or a partially boarded up warehouse on the North Circular Road, this is what some video producers a still doing daily.. But hold the phone, this cliché is being updated as we speak, now these guys are buying sliders (a type of rail mount for a video camera which gives that dolly move look) which isn’t a bad thing but all they do now is rather than pan the pug-ugly building on a tripod, they slide it.. Whoopee do.

At number 4 – The Sweaty Executive.

Here’s a great idea, if you want your business to come across as dull, uninspiring and slightly creepy, why not suggest filming your sweatiest director? It may sound like a joke but how many of these people have you seen in corporate videos? Poorly dressed, hot, uneasy and stiff people press-ganged into serving the company as the face of the business.. on video. Even if they aren’t sweaty, who wants to see Mary the menopausal CEO or creepy Colin from HR on film? Nobody that’s who.

At number 3 – The Whiteboard Animation

Okay let’s bust this wide open – this trend for presenting business concepts in the form of a cutesy white board scribbled cartoon sequence was cool for about a year. Then everyone had seen it, not once but every time they attended a conference or meeting. It quickly because the PowerPoint replacement.  Here’s the deal, 99% of the animations you see these days in this style are toshed together by a graphic designer using an off the shelf template which costs $15 in 2 hours. Sure some have nice voice overs but how many more stacks of cartoon Dollars or cute lightbulbs scribbled by a pencil-wealding hand can we take?!

At number 2 – The Hippy Dippy Ukelele Soundtrack

Historically, corporate video soundtracks are utterly dreadful, usually a dreary, techno-beat, synth track made and sold by a middle-aged japanese composer who knocked out hundreds of similar tracks some time in the mid 90’s… However things have moved on, corporate video producers who think they’re bringing things up-to-date have discovered the Hippy Dippy sound track ($29 from any sound library you care to find) NO! it doesn’t make you want to take your shoes off and skip care-freely out of your french hatchback in to the nearest starbucks.. The Ukelele driven happy flappy clap-trap makes you want to beat the producers of this video to death with the blooded stump of their own arm.

At number 1 – The Dreaded Two Camera Interview

I’m telling you now, it doesn’t matter how many cameras you use, it doesn’t matter how many angles you show of this person droning on and on – this interview is boring. This style of shoot is now the go-to look for the boring video maker. Yes if it’s very well done and skilfully edited, two cameras work well, the problem is, it’s rarely used well and what you get is a man in a suit looking way too far off camera to feel comfortable and a sudden cut to the side of his podgy face  (usually in black and white) or his awkward Tony Blair hands gesticulating out of sync with his speech.

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