Video for independant schools

More often than not parents will thoroughly research a school online in order to make a decision as to where to send their child – but we know that parents are more inclined to check out a school which has a clear and to-the-point video on it’s home page. As an established corporate video makers, and a maker of video for independent schools we know surrey has a wealth of schools that we have spoken to about video and video production.

All independent schools in a given area are in competition for a finite number of students, so a well produced school video is vital for these schools to stay ahead of their competition.  A regular client of TIZA Video and a small school which makes the very best of video is Bloo House school in Esher Surrey. why not take a look at their site to see how progressive Bloo House is when is comes to video marketing in Surrey.

And take a look at the Bloo House School video here:

Schools are vibrant and colourful places, full of positivity, energy and fun – only video can truly convey the personality of a given school and only a video production which is made well and to the point can truly make that message stick. Tiza video are expert crafters of video content with an impressive list of clients which reaches way beyond the world of education. We have shot all over the world and for numerous industries and covered more subjects that we care to remember – needless to say it takes enthusiasm as well as skill to be as successful as we are in so many fields. So, it’s with similar enthusiasm that we now offer all this to schools and others in the world of education and training.

If you have any concerns over whether you can afford us – then fear not, the likelihood is we’ll be far more competitive than you think – give us a call to discuss your idea.

If you’d like to know more about how a video production could work for your independent Surrey school, call us today on 0208 541 5155