Video company near me

If you’re looking for a local video production team, TIZA VIDEO is based in Kingston upon Thames which makes us the perfect and obvious video production choice.
Yes we have big clients, but this doesn’t mean our team are working on large accounts 24/7 which is why we want YOUR LOCAL VIDEO WORK.
We’re on a crusade…

We’re on a crusade to banish crappy video content from our own back yard, so let TIZA help you make the video your business deserves – but for the same money you were about to give to ‘…that guy you know with a video camera’..!
Providing a rate card of costs for a creative service like VIDEO PRODUCTION isn’t easy as each project has it’s own unique requirements which can affect costs dramatically. However we know, as a local business you need LOW COSTS WITH NO HIDDEN EXTRAS – so with this in mind TIZA VIDEO can show you exactly what to expect from our special low-cost video package designed for LOCAL BUSINESSES like yours.


TOP QUALITY 2 to 3min video to include ONE or ALL of the following:

  • Planning and SCRIPT Development meeting*
  • One or part day single location SHOOT with fully qualified video crew*
  • Professional on camera INTERVIEWS (up to two people)
  • Product or Service DEMO
  • High Quality EDITING
  • Captioning and Music
  • Top and tale BRANDING sympathetic to your corporate identity*
  • HD Video File supplied in any format you choose


  • FREE YouTube Channel set-up and upload
  • FREE music soundtrack (royalty free)
  • FREE advice on your ongoing video marketing strategy

COST call us for a quote

Although this package is designed to give maximum value, you may feel your project needs more investment and may require professional Voice Over, Animation, Actors, Super Graphics, Green Screen, Multi-Location shoot and more – IF IN DOUBT PLEASE ASK VICKY

A single local meeting. A Single local location shoot. Excludes animated content.For any questions please call Alice on 07903 153 663 or 020 854 5155

Working with TIZA
Our rule of thirds
3 clear steps to a beautiful relationship. Yes let’s make some video, but why make it? and what to do with it once it’s made…

planning & strategy
Big ideas need a sound business case a budget and the skills to make it happen.

video production
Surprisingly only one third of the process but this is where the magic happens and babies are made.

promotion & delivery
What’s the point in going to the trouble of making fabulous video content if no one gets to see it? This is the question.