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Keeping video camera clean

Video production is stepping up a gear during 2018 both in terms of the way you tell your corporate story and how your video content fits within your trans-media strategy.

Making the right kind of video content for your business is now more important than ever. Major players are all stepping up their video game to include better video, better stories and publishing more video than ever.  With video viewing habits changing every week you can expect to have your newest video watched on the train on a phone or even an iPad in bed.

Video equipment is better and more affordable than ever so video production values  and standards are increasing all the time. 

Recently we worked with Winsor & Newton at their head office in Shepherd's Bush to create a series of artists video Masterclasses, We have also been improving our already excellent workplace video interview style with Fidante corporate finance and looking forward to shooting some electric car videos with BMW in the not too distant future.

More about these projects in the coming weeks - if you have a video project you'd like to discuss call us at our office in Hampton Court Surrey today on 020 8541 5155