Strong Ideas and a video strategy work.


Video will only work for your business if the idea is strong and you have a strategy for it to work within.
Strong ideas help you focus your business especially when it comes to planning what kind of video content you need.

What’s your story?  Tell that story, whether it's a new offering or a strong industry opinion - people will engage with what you have to say, especially in video form because it's quick and easy to do so.

Strong ideas are sticky, or watchable and that's really important - who wants to press play on a video and be bored?  Nobody - not even in the world of business content.

Video strategy means video working with your other marketing channels. Make video that becomes (or drives) part of your trans-media story.

Long form or short form.. It’s all good.

If video fits your marketing strategy and is watchable then you're doing a better job than most businesses are right now.


Good luck and call us if you need help.