Working with Ingenie and Tyger Drew-Honey

There aren’t many occupations you can name which bring daily joy but video production is certainly one of them. And from time to time you end up working with a client where joy and satisfaction are pretty much guaranteed. Young peoples car insurer Ingenie have hit upon a marketing formula where video takes a major part and where their range of quality video content really works. We put this down to a certain considered chemistry where ingenie seem to pick the right people to film and work with. Ingenie have nurtured relationships with key ambassadors and advocates who their customers seem to like – a lot.

BBC comedy star Tyger Drew-Honey was just 17 when he first shot for ingenie and was not only a perfect ambassador for ingenie and representative of a typical young driver but was instantly embraced over social media in this role.  The fun for TIZA video is working with professionals like Tyger because he will rock up, ego-free and full of beans and make everyones job a hell of a lot easier.  Working with Ingenie and Tyger Drew-Honey will feature in our up-coming Ingenie business case study so make sure you give it a watch.

You can watch Tyger Drew-Honey in his latest BBC3 Documentary called Tyger Takes On… Porn at this is the first in a series of documentaries where you can see why Tyger’s on-screen presence has worked so well for ingenie.

Date: Wednesday May 22nd location Ingenie head office in deepest leather head in Surrey – here we shot Tyger and Ingenie CEO Richard King delivering a message to one of Ingenie’s key partners and unlike any corporate video you will ever see, this was pure fun.

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