When to use animation instead of video

If a picture paints a thousand words then imagine what a business animation could do?  So when to use animation instead of video ? Making a brand video or creating general video content for your organisation is a powerful and effective way of marketing what you do, but what if what you do is quite detailed or even complicated?  If this is the case, complex propositions conveyed in video can become so long-winded that the viewer will simple switch off.  In any video production for business, if you cannot get your message across cleanly and effectively in 5 points or less then you risk repelling your viewers and possibly doing more harm than good with a video which has cost you time and money to produce.  Animated content on the other hand can be a superb delivery method for long, complex and even dry or boring subject matter.

Imagine your business relies on a 10 step process which isn’t particularly straight forward and potentially off-putting for a new customer… animation could be the answer.  Good animations engage viewers on a different level to regular video content by walking them through the subject matter clearly and precisely – and in many cases way better than a voice over, presenter or protracted talking head video of a boring, suited executive ever could.

The key to a great business animation is surprisingly not in the animation itself but in the script and soundtrack – animations need a great soundtrack to do their job, decent music (if required) and a well crafted and engaging script. Once you have good music and well-written script, use a professional actor or Voice Over artist to create the perfect soundtrack.  You can easily test if your project is going to work well by closing your eyes and simply listening to your soundtrack without any visual distractions.  If you like what you hear, then you would have to do a pretty bad job of the actual animation to make it fail.  This is not to say the animation is irrelevant, but that the animation process will be easier to get right if the soundtrack rocks.

Choosing the right animation style isn’t easy. Many top organisations pay their advertising agencies hundreds of thousands to develop animated styles which fit their brand – which is why so many businesses get it wrong and make animations which are inappropriate for their market, either too childish, too avant garde or too frenetic.  This is why choosing the right video animation agency is critical, get it wrong and you can waste a good deal of cash. Get it right and a good animation will be the perfect solution for getting your complex message across.

Be adventurous and trust your creative team to make an animation which people really get. Avoid the mediocre and push the limits (within reason) Avoid lazy solutions like animated type WHICH FOLLOWS EXACTLY WHAT THE VOICE OVER SAYS… people have seen too much of this. Think twice about the WHITEBOARD cartoon style, this is now very over used and can be made dead cheaply by just about anyone using off-the-shelf animation packages.

Commissioning an animation can be a bit of a minefield because it does take a fair bit of time to get right and to actually build a complete animated film – so costs can be quite prohibitive, especially if your planning and creative brief is not up to scratch.  Work out what you need to say, keep and open mind on the style you decide upon and make sure your script and soundtrack are the best they can be.  This way your animation will wow your viewer and convey all that detail you need to get across.

If you want to know more about business animation video contact Ian Nuttall – head of production and the Tiza Video Agency London – 020 8541 5155