What is a VIDEO AGENCY in London all about?

As THE first self declared VIDEO AGENCY in London we often get asked to explain why we decided to call ourselves a video agency rather just a production company.  The answer is quite simple, as a business we are crammed with creative talent from a range of marketing and creative backgrounds from film production, script and copy writing through to branding expertise and animation and design. So naturally when we set up TIZA Video Agency in 2008 we knew we would offer more than your average video production company. We we’re all very used to marketing businesses through a multitude of digital channels and that video suited our combined talents very well – hence the VIDEO AGENCY was born.

As of today we’re still dining out on the fact TIZA is probably the first video in the UK.  There’s challenge which we’d be happy to discuss with anyone who believes otherwise.

Why would a business choose a video agency and not a video production company ? The answer in our case is that you get a whole lot more thrown into the mix.  You get genuine marketing creatives working on your project, you get people skilled in page layout, web design and typographic working on your titles, animations and graphics, you get music producers making or researching your soundtrack, you get talented young filmmakers and experienced art directors working together on YOUR video. And there’s more, you get marketing insight and business savvy advice on how to make video work for you – how to reach audiences you perhaps didn’t even know you had the potential to reach and best of all the confidence to produce and show video content you know your audience will be able to watch and enjoy.

VIDEO AGENCY means watchable video – Simples.