Video works in mysterious ways – 3 Elements to an effective strategy

It’s not all about hits or views – oh no.

There’s a tendency in business that every penny spent should show a tangible return – if I spend £10k on 1000 printed brochures, have it written, designed and printed, then I will expect a 2% enquiry within a month of distribution.. Okay yes one new business conversion may pay for the brochure but there’s plenty this broacher WON’T do for the money.

Video content on the other hand, can be less tangible – but this doesnt mean to say because you can’t, hand-on-heart, say to the boss that his video will result in a definitive ROI that the video is not a good marketing move.

Here are 3 key elements which make video worth looking into and to make video part of your overall marketing strategy.

1. In many business cases it’s about having a video presence which really counts. Building your organisation’s credibility by publishing regular video content will bring customers closer to you, build trust and encourage referral. Simply occupying the video space will say more about your business and how it thinks than any number of glossy brochures.

2. Google is hungry for new and relevent video content so therefore video is great for SEO. Sure there’s no shortage of farting cats videos online but if your business brews beer for example, there is currently plenty of space for video content which explains brewing or talks about the business – there’s a good deal of written content about breweries so competition could be fierce, however, if your video is helpful and well targeted then the space is there to be taken – Google absolutely will find it, rank it and and promote it on your behalf and push your video channel up the rankings and your website too if you have your own embedded or linked content.

3. Video helps you focus your offering and galvanises the language you use when selling to other businesses. Many marketing departments struggle with delivering a consistent and up-to-date message to their clients or prospects, this may be because you’re trying to shoehorn one message into a multi-channeled campaign and this can lead to mixed or diluted result. The process of engaging a video agency to distil the best you have to offer into a sub 3 minute video item can help you to understand to essence of your businesses marketing. Remember how easily bored or distracted your audience can be and appreciate how a skilled video agency can combat this in a short, punchy and entertaining burst of video.

Getting into making regular video content and measuring the returns it brings should not be calculated in the old way. Consider these three points before you go and spend on yet another £10 grand brochure or over-priced press ad.

Video works in mysterious ways.

Ian Nuttall  –