Video content can grab the attention like nothing else

Everybody has watched something at some time or another that has completely mesmerised them and the first thing they did was tell somebody else about it. That is the incredible power of engaging visual content and if you are looking for a way to advertise your business or brand then online video content is the way to go. We exist in a digital age and the internet is an awesomely powerful way of securing eyes on your product. At TIZA Video we are experts in creating captivating and cost effective online content.

It is a special thing indeed when you genuinely enjoy your work. The world of video marketing is a constantly challenging one and we are a team of creative individuals that live for the entire process. It is extremely satisfying to produce fantastic work and every stage of the process is an exciting one for us.

At TIZA we work closely with you to establish your ideas and your budget. We make sure you understand exactly what will occur and when everybody is happy with the strategy we move on to production. We begin with scripts and storyboarding and will implement the appropriately sized crew. We will shoot on location or in our studio and successfully deliver your HD video completely on time and within the agreed budget. We will never surprise you with any changes to cost. Finally we will discuss the best way to move forward as once you have your video content we need to find the best marketing options for you. Our aim from the very beginning is to achieve as much successful exposure for you as possible and we truly are the perfect choice for all vibrant and colourful video production in Surrey.

We pride ourselves on being the very best and our award winning team has years of experience. As far as we are concerned great service is all about perception of the needs of the client and putting our talents to work to achieve the finest results. We are aware how unique and important your brand is and we’ll reflect this in all the work we produce. Our creative insight and empathy will always show in our work and we never stop going the extra mile until the job is done.

You don’t need to worry about costs when you’re working with us – despite our impressive credentials such as the construction of robots on Hollywood movie sets, we make video production in Surrey accessible and affordable. Great results can be achieved with the right combination of visionary inspiration and simple love of the job.