TIZA Video Interview Sir David Attenborough

Yes this is a CAREER HIGH ALERT for all of us here at TIZA Video Agency – on Monday Jan 27th we filmed a 45min face to face interview with  ‘The Guv’ner’ Sir David Attenborough.  We’re very good at interviews here but there are moments like this when it’s almost impossible not to become intimidated at the prospect of putting a camera in the face of a man who’s career spans more than 60 years and is generally considered to be the world’s greatest ever broadcaster.  Something we really shouldn’t have done was to read Sir David’s Wikipedia page, this is a profile and a life story which would humble the greatest of historic figures.  This is the man who, (before breakfast) commissioned shows like Monty Python’s Flying Circus, the Old Grey Whistle Test and Call My Bluff as controller of BBC Two in the late 60’s. Simultaneously sparking his stella career as a TV naturalist and blazing a trail for documentary film making for that era and to date.  His epic lifes work includes all of the Life on Earth style documentaries of which there are too many to list, literally years of ground-breaking world-syndicated TV.  His narrations have made his voice one of the most recognisable on this planet with his films continuously shown globally every day, all of the time, somewhere.

Our interview with Sir David was an intimate insight into his relationship with real printed books and shot on behalf of our client The Folio Society in London.  Attenborough was relaxed and candid from the start.  He was very easy to talk to and such was his calming gravitas, the crew all fell under the Attenborough spell – three of us are sitting in a small room and listening to this wise old gentleman responding emotionally and eloquently to questions WE are asking HIM.

Thank you everyone who made this happen for our agency – today is a good day when we’re wondering if this business could get any better.  One thing’s for certain, once you’ve produced an interview of this calibre, you feel the world’s your oyster.  Bob DeNiro, Russel Brand, Obama? no bother!

Please note that despite this monster HIGH and boost to our company ego, all TIZA Video Agency’s prices will remain as reasonable as ever..