TIZA – This is who we are

The challenge with creating video content in 2016 for anyone – is that viewing habits and audience demands are changing.

Viewers want more relevant content which is more entertaining and more watchable in shorter, punchier than ever videos.

We can tell you who we are but first we need to tell you who we’re not…

We’re not a marketing, PR or creative agency who now, happen to do video.

We’re not old school corporate video production who put stuff on Youtube for time to time.

We’re not a young guy with a beard, a DSLR and a GoPro.

We’re a video agency.

Great creativity is critical but is needs to be closely combined with:

1/ online content expertise

2/ the ability to actually plan, write and make great video in-house

3/ to understand the brand

4/ to maintain the integrity of the look and feel

5/ to ‘get’ it’s audience.

6/ to talk to you in clear and simple everyday language.

You will be told some of this by some the people you’ll be seeing but we are likely to be the ONLY Video Agency you will be talking to – so we doubt if any one of them will be speaking to you in quite the same way as us.

Genuine partnership

Tiza are seeking a genuine creative video production and strategy partnership with any exciting business to demonstrate how the skills and incite of your in-house team can produce content which is better and more cost effective than an outside agency approach.