TIZA est Charlie

As a relatively well established video company based in London we’ve had the privilege to have filmed in various parts of the world capturing footage from the mundane to the dramatic. We’ve taken risks as well as sat back and waited for the action to come to us, but recent events in france showing worldwide coverage of the violent acts which unfolded before our eyes served among many things to emphasise the power of video in todays newscasting.  We’re not newscasters we’re just a corporate video company in Surrey but our commitment to supporting those in the media who take real risks on a daily basis – whether that’s in video, web or ink on paper – those who stand for the truth and those who genuinely want the world to see things for what they really are – not falsehoods, not manipulated corporate media garbage but the truth and nothing but the truth.

If you are in any doubt about your own feeling on all this, try reading this by Russel Brand


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