Surrey Video Production

Here’s some great news, if anyone tells you that SEO doesn’t work, how’s this for a success story..

We’ve been fully operational as a video production agency (probably the first video agency in the UK) for 5 years and have invested a great deal of time and energy to SEO-ing ourselves. Not always, it has to be said, successfully – we’ve tried various so-called SEO experts who did little but take our money and not deliver but these experiences leave you with a good general knowledge of what needed to be done.  Without going into the nuts and bolts of what it is  seems to have been which has worked wonders for us, it HAS worked.  When you talk to people about Key Phrases for any particular industry the competitiveness for a give phrase will vary dramatically – imagine how keen the competition on ‘Car Insurance London’ would be.. However we decided on a modest set of 4 phrases which we have systematically plugged away at on every channel we appear in, this effort seemed totally fruitless for years when suddenly one day it all seemed to drop together – a true SEO bod would be able to tell you exactly why this is, we on the other hand believe it to be magic.

The most successful phrases we picked was Video Production Surrey which has seen us rise from nowhere to page 2 of Google. The fact that we do actually fit the mould – we really do represent video production in Surrey and believe we are still one of only a few Video Agency results in the country.  As producers of corporate video in surrey and London and producing some pretty good stuff I might add – you can see for yourself on our work page where I think you’ll find our Surrey video production show reel.

So, don’t give up, persevre with the SEO plug away at your key phrases and eventually something magic with happen.