Out of recession

Tiza film venture into the wonderful world of skin art and tattooing

At the risk of sounding smug, TIZA film have felt something in the air for a couple of months now with the phone literally ringing off the hook some days – or whatever the digital equivalent of ‘ringing off the hook’ is?..

Clients and new contacts are finally moving on shelved projects and ideas from the back-burner. The best bit for us is that filmed content seems to be high on their lists. We’re reeling at the sheer variety of businesses who are contacting us to make films for them, from independent schools to tattoo studios – this is great for the average working day. Actually, there’s no such thing as the average working day, when one morning you’re deep in the city of London learning how to solve the Eurozone crisis at a series of talking head interviews and the very next day you’re lens is 2 inches away from a tattooed buttock.

Hoping the same applies for you – the ‘new business’ bit, not the buttock.