MOVI Freefly camera stabiliser – Hands On

The most mobbed stand by far at this years BVE at Excel in Docklands was that of the Freefly MOVI device – This is the company that has already brought a set hele-drones to market which have set the bar for airborne rigs. However this is different gear altogether but utilising the same gimbal tech to create a tough and responsive camera steadying platform which TIZA Video think will revolutionise production values in commercial/corporate video content making.  Everyone has either seen or heard of Steadicam, the US firm which has held the high-ground in trade mark stabilised footage, from the touchline of premiership football and the olympic games to TV’s Strictly Come Dancing sequences and the best cinema epics. But MOVI is a game changer for several reasons, it’s much more compact, it’s super adaptive and highly affordable. At 3.5lbs (holding a decent Canon DSLR and lens) you can grab superb shots for the most modest of business productions which this time last year would have meant hiring a steadicam technician or using some kind of DIY rig.

We were amazed how easy it was for our camera guys to operate and also how easy to set up and configure to your needs. If we had to describe what the MOVI actually does, imagine if you will, holding a live chicken with it’s wings clamped to its side and pointing the head away from you, then moving it’s body vigorously up and down and from side to side while the chicken’s head remains seeming fixed to a point in space – well, that’s MOVI.  Technically is a tri-axis pixel perfect gimbal cage linked to IMU gyros and articulated handlebars which let the operator move high to low, side to side, forward and back while taking rock steady footage.

We intend to use the hell of this rig at every opportunity – although clearly not for everything. It opens up creative shooting opportunities for so many of our clients especially those in PR who are hungry for stunt based campaigns or those in automotive.

The MOVI is designed to carry high end DSLR type cameras like the Canon C300, 5Dmk3 or  1D – is can be used as a one man one camera rig or operated by a ‘pilot’ runner and remote cameraman, similar to the way we operate our TIZA aerial drone cams.

So, let your imagination run riot with what you thought you MIGHT be able to achieve on your modest budget. TIZA are dedicated to raising the bar in filmed content for business and the MOVI is the latest affordable piece of kit we’ll be using to give you what the others can’t.

If you think you’d like to talk about using MOVI in you next video – give us a call you’ll be amazed how affordable it is to deploy.