How to make good B2B Video

As a London video agency we’re often asked how to make good B2B Video.

As a full service video production agency involved with helping businesses to promote what they do and sell through video – we has some pretty simple rules largely based on good old common sense. Companies offering their wares to other businesses have found to their detriment that the traditional production video and broadcast pros, have lack the flair, creativity and confidence to sell business to other business. It’s a world of their own making, just saying the phrase Corporate Video sends shivers down the spine of anyone who has been brought up in those days when these films were diabolically dull.  It’s only very recently, (and I mean the past 2 to 3 years) that the new wave of creative, slightly maverick and most importantly, affordable production agencies have risen. Forgive the generalisation, but in the wrong hands, business video content has the potential to thoroughly bore the chuff off any viewer. The problem is that the old school video producers did just that – they were also using the wrong equipment and were way too expensive. TIZA are not like this.

It takes a lot of creative and marketing confidence to make good B2B video content because on the face of it, subject matter is seen as complicated, niche and dry.  You need confidence and creativity to look at an average business offering and see a story worth telling. It’s not easy to sit in a meeting of enthusiastic marketing executives excitedly attempting to nail their script when you know that there’s a mountain to climb before anyone can come up with anything like watchable content.  So yes, in many cases your videos have a very real chance of being complicated, niche and dry – unless you are realistic about how they can be executed and how well you choose your video agency.  Our video production rules are simple, keep it short, stylish and watchable.