Forget London let’s go and video girls in ibiza!

It may sound like we’re giving it the big one… but once in a while in the rip-roaring world of London Corporate video a job crops up that you simply can’t say no to. Sure we spend a good deal of our working life making great company films and corporate video in Surrey and beyond.  This post is all about the ‘beyond’ bit, in fact Ibiza to be exact, we were asked to film a series of music events this June where break-thru DJs are given the VIP treatment, while most DJ spend most of their time dreaming of playing the stage at Space or Amnesia, this event makes it possible for struggling acts to get a taste of the big time whilst at the same time sampling the experience and lifestyle of a top DJ.  They need to be exceptional talent to even be considered which is why Emerging Ibiza asked TIZA to film and interview more than 10 events and 20 DJs over a 3 day period. Tough?! yes it was actually.  You try filming wall-to-wall sexy people in some the most glamorous ibiza clubs non-stop for 72 hours… okay it was great!

Working with ibiza videographic superstar Marc de Groot taught us a great deal about shooting this kind of event check out his work and ours on

Technically shooting with a lot of ambient noise (banging house music!) in low light (sexy clubs) and fast moving subject matter (dancing girls) is no mean feat but we did it and once you have the right footage the edit is a breeze – so get the filming right and you can have the rest of the night off – if there’s any of it left.

So, if you have an event, party or special launch in Surrey, London, Ibiza, Monaco, Rio… you name it, we’ll be there and make it look every bit as fantastic as you know it will be!