Ex-BBC Video producers are the kiss of death

As we check out this now prospective client for the video they already have on their YouTube channel – it becomes clear, very quickly, that it has suffered the kiss of death.

Proudly this prospective client tells us that all his previous content was made by an Ex BBC guy…  Right.. so here’s the challenge, how do you tell or even demonstrate that the videos they’ve been happily paying this guy through the nose for, for the past two years is utter, video-by-numbers, unimaginative, corporate, non-creative SHIT? Hmmm.

Well of course, you need to be more tactful than that, but how DO you actually show someone who is relatively inexperienced when it comes to commissioning video content for their business – that what have could be so much better?

The problem is that most video at the moment is commissioned by people who ARE experienced and savvy marketeers BUT have little idea of video and what’s actually available to them in terms of production.  The Ex BBC guys would protest that their production values are superior and that most video content is made by amateurs with cheep equipment. Maybe in their eyes, but the reality is somewhat different. Modern camera kit and lighting isn’t something ex-bbc bods know much about. Neither is creativity.  If you’re a city bank, accountancy firm or legal business, knock yourself out with the Ex-BBC guys, they WILL make you a cracking CORPORATE film, and do you know why?, because they come from a corporation, that’s why. Make of that what you will but its certainly not the provenance I’d be looking for as a modern and progressive digital business looking to make video content for online use.

Since the stream-lining of the BBC in 2010 hundreds of technicians found themselves out of work, out of date and very much out of touch. Unfortunately for Banks, Accountants and Solicitors everywhere, these people went into corporate video production particularly in London where they were able to use their BEEB credentials to convince those partial to bit of old skool telly to commission them to make a video. They also managed to convince these businesses to pay the sort of production fees required to keep the producers in cravats and gin.

Enough! The point is simple. You can look beyond Ex-BBC people and talk to one of the many new and exciting video makers out there who will talk to you without using movie/TV jargon, listen to what you want to achieve with your content and offer you altogether better solutions, more ideas and leave you with a video people ACTUALLY WANT TO WATCH.

By the way, we’re one of the exciting new video makers in case you hadn’t guessed.