Effective marketing is becoming more focused around video production

Many of you will have seen articles and stories of late which claim something along the lines of “online videos don’t work”. Usually they go on to state that adverts shown on the internet are not watched in high numbers, and there are doubts over their effectiveness. It may surprise you to read this, but we at Tiza Video, the leading company for video production London has, agree with the comment. Cases where adverts and videos shown on the internet don’t “work”, or prove unpopular, are very easy to identify, as they are ones which were made to be seen on television or at cinemas. This is to say that if you want a video to be a success on the internet, you need to make it for the internet, and not just simply post something online that would usually come up during a break on TV.

A lot of companies are convinced that, as the basics of sound and vision are a constant, traditional advertising and production values for TV commercials should simply be applied to video made for the internet. Consider this in terms of a ship and an aeroplane. Both are means of transport, and both will get you from London to Australia. Would you, however, really take the skipper from the ship – even if it was the most respected and admired sailor in history – and happily let him try and fly a plane from Heathrow to Sydney? In all likelihood if you did that he would make a good go of it, knowing the basics, but without specific aviation knowledge – as in understanding the medium – there’s a very good chance that the effort would crash and fail.

At Tiza we have a strong, award winning track record of success with videos for the internet because we understand the medium, and make our video for both the format and the intended audience. We produce the high quality, professional kind of videos that one sees and hears of attracting many millions of viewers because they are suited to net viewing and appeal to the target market. No matter what you want to achieve with your online video – be it advertising, creating a brand awareness, underlining your online presence or simply generating a feel-good buzz for your business – Tiza are the video production company you can turn to and trust to deliver the anticipated and hope for effect.

We are proud of our reputation as the leading and most sought after service of video production London businesses and companies seek out to create their online web videos. We work closely with you to ensure that all elements and ideas you want in place are incorporated, with us crafting them into the optimal viral video experience suited for both the medium and the market of the internet.