Do viral videos still exist?

A genuine viral is a rare thing unless you not only have the budget to produce something decent but also promote the thing to the hilt… so do viral videos still exist?

As a video agency used to being asked to produce viral videos on a regular basis, sadly we have to say the answer is no – viral videos don’t really exist in the way the used to, at least not commercially.  The question should be, can I get my video to be seen by millions? to which we’d say yes, but only if you have the cash! You see the reality is, if you have money to promote your video, no matter what it is, you can probably pay to promote ANY video to what we would have referred to historically as viral levels.

Many videos which do qualify for viral status – i.e. more than 150,000 views in less than 48hours tend to be non commercial whereas 5 years ago it would have been relatively easy for a big brand to release a fairly average (by todays standards) video and hit the million mark within hours. Now you need to do a great deal more than simply have a quirky idea.  It’s all to do with the sheer number of videos being published every hour, today, compared with back then – upload volumes have grown exponentially and as a result, the amount of effort required to get a video in front of an audience which it utterly saturated in content is VERY hard to achieve. Unless of course you have a promotional budget which is well targeted and involves a high spend over a short time period. Tiza Video agency believe that a major brand like Nike or Apple would easily be able to allocate a million dollars PER HOUR for 24hours worldwide in order to promote the right product.  This means a super-intense advertising spend covering everything from print media to TV to affiliate to banners to sponsorships across every channel known to man in order get a viral level result.  The sad thing is, there was a time when we thought that the web would provide a level playing field for advertising and promoting products but now that the TRUE VIRAL IS DEAD, that’s no longer the case. Only big brands with fat budgets truly enjoy the sort of viral penetrations anyone could have achieved 5 years ago.