Are you a Video Virgin?

Not having made a film for you business is nothing to be ashamed of… yet.

As an marketing professional it’s a given that you’ve dealt with some kind of creative output at some point in your working life. It’s highly likely you’ve made a PowerPoint presentation… perhaps you’ve dabbled in charts and graphs? You’ve almost certainly placed advertising or worked on a brochure… which means it’s a good bet you’ve briefed a graphic designer – and so it would follow that you’ve commissioned some kind of photography.

But… have you ever been responsible for commissioning a video film?

Thought so.

But don’t worry, fewer than 10% of those responsible for marketing a business product or service actually have.

The good news is, it’s really quite straight forward and a hell of lot more exciting that knocking out yet another printed brochure! Call us at to find out how the process works and how we have demystified business film production methodology. You won’t find any ex-BBC producers here. All you will find is a willingness to show you not only how enjoyable the process of making corporate video is, but also how affordable it has become.

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