A Leap of Marketing Faith?

Yes – in answer to the two questions I was asked over and over again in 2013:

  1. How can we justify video spend in 2014?
  2. How can we guarantee a return on our investment?The answers varied of course, because the reasons for making a video are as diverse as any marketing activity.Yes, we know that video is a very effective marketing tool, there are stats everywhere about how great video is for business – but reading between the lines.. are you really saying:

    ‘We DON’T want video to be a LEAP OF FAITH, we want to see measurable results…’

    If so, here are TIZA’s 10 tips on getting the very most from video..

  1. Be decisive and include video in the your marketing tool box and allow budget for video on every project – even if you don’t use it this time, you will on the next project.
  2.  Trust the pros to help you – you don’t have to be a full blown video producer to get a project off the ground. It’s just a phone chat away.
  3.  Discuss what you want your video to achieve. A clear idea is a great start, this way you can work out how to quantify its success.
  4.  Set high standards for your productions, don’t accept half-baked videos on any level. High quality video is now totally affordable so choose your video agency wisely.
  5.  Be bold with your video content and don’t bore your audience. If you can’t watch it from start to finish nobody else will. Your video agency will always help here.
  6.  Get it out there. Promoting your video is one third of the process and shouldn’t be ignored. A bit like buying a Maseratti and keeping it in the garage –  your video agency will help you.
  7.  Take a Google Analytics course. Insight is everything and free courses on Google and Youtube will show you more about your video’s performance than you would think possible.
  8.  Be strategic about what videos you produce and when you publish them. This way you’ll have more chance to isolate a video’s effectiveness within an overall campaign.
  9.   Talk to your customers and find out how they feel about your video content. This way you can make what they want to see and you may be shocked by the positive effect  video can have.
  10.  Use your new-found confidence and make more video. You simply can’t make too much video content, Google (and your customers) are hungry for well-made, informative and regular video. Give it to them.Video is a creative process which should demand all the skill, creativity and technical input of any ad campaign, brochure or website.  It also needs be justified to those less creative minds as more than a leap of faith – follow these tips and we guarantee you’ll be basking in marketing success by April…


Happy New Year