4 Reasons Why Video Connects With People

Shakespeare, Tolstoy and Tolkien are some of the greatest writers history has to offer us, and whilst the written word is great for getting a point across, the promise of a 500 page novel doesn’t tend to make an awful lot of people trigger happy with their mouse button.


1)   Video is Short, Sharp and oh so Sweet

You don’t need an awful lot of video to make an impact. Even when you’re fast forwarding at 32x normal speed through the ads on Sky, you’ll still see brands and message that can have just as much impact as if you actually watched the ads, just like people in the 1990s did.


2)   Video is Flashy, Shiny, Sexy

Even if you have an IQ above 80, you’ll still find shiny things catching your eye. All the persuasion some men need in a TV ad for example is to surround the product with explosions and scantly clad models. Hovis once considered Kate Moss as a front for their wholemeal batch. (joke)


3)   Let’s Add Some Music!

Website geniuses tell us not to add audio to a website. Mainly because this can cause annoyance at work when somebody loads a website only to subject their colleagues to the first three seconds of Sir-Mix-a-Lot’s – I Like Big Butts at full volume whilst frantically trying to turn the speakers off, or throw them through a nearby window.

But with video, audio is expected… People know when they press the play arrow, they should expect some sound and this can be great for spicing up the message, evoking emotions and making the whole thing really work.

Add video, add audio, why not add all the media types that make people go “ooh”!


4)   Not Everybody is Doing It

We know video isn’t a niche and there are a lot of companies that are of course dipping their toe in the video-as-a-marketing-tool waters.

But 9 times out of 10, companies will stick to text to pad out the mundane pages that make up their website, possibly because Sarah from HR can spend a few of her spare hours getting it finished on a Friday afternoon.

This is great if you’re willing to consider new adventures and use video to metaphorically paint yourself fluorescent yellow and run into a room full of potential customers.